Around the World in One Night

    Posted 02/21/2018
    You’re invited to our first annual cultural festival, where we’ll be celebrating all the unique cultures and traditions in our diverse community!

    The Details

    • Who: our entire community!
    • What: first annual cultural festival
    • When: Friday, March 9, 6:00pm-8:00pm (Aztec dance performance @ 7:15pm)
    • Where: our gym & cafeteria
    • Why: see all the reasons below!
    • How: just show up!

    Why You Should Come

    1. See your children’s personal projects & artwork
    2. Enjoy cuisine from around the world
    3. See Grupo Tlaloc perform traditional Aztec dance


    We Want You to Share Your Culture with Us!

    If you’d like to share a dish from your cultural heritage, family artifacts or traditions, or just want to help out with event setup, please register here.