Connect with McT

How We Communicate

Communication is key to ensuring there is a strong home-school connection. We will do our very best to ensure that we are communicating with you and would expect that, in return, you take the time to utilize our website as often as possible. Below are the ways our school communicates with families:

  • Website: Our website will be our MAIN form of communication and will have all of the latest updates and information for our school. Everything you could want will be on our website (calendars, schedules, etc). Bookmark it as a favorite!
  • Friday Folders: Every Friday a folder will go home with any classroom specific information and some school information (extra advertising for school events, etc). Remember, all school-wide information is posted on our website.
  • Google Calendar: This will be our most up-to-date calendar with school events and information during the school year.
  • Robocalls: Be sure to listen to voicemails from MT – they will contain up to date details about events and emergency information.
  • Marquee: The sign on the west side of the building is a good place to check for reminders of upcoming events.
  • Facebook: Be sure to “Like” our Facebook Page!