McKinley Celebrates the Hour of Code This Week!

    Posted 12/08/2016

    McKinley-Thatcher is excited to be participating in the world-wide Hour of Code event as a part of Computer Science Education Week this week! Coding is computer programming — inputting a series of commands that tell a computer how to run. All our students, ECE to 5th grade, will learn how to code using the wonderful, kid-friendly resources at

    Throughout this week, students, teachers, and families will have lots of opportunities to celebrate the joy of coding together!

    • Monday, Dec. 5 & Tuesday, Dec. 6 — students will learn about pair programming in technology class.
    • Thursday, Dec. 8 — teachers will explore pair programming in our “Teachers Code, Too!” event.
    • Friday, Dec. 9 — everyone is invited to our “Code with Your Kid” event, when families will join their children in the classroom for some partner coding.

    Code with Your Kid! — Friday, Dec. 9


    For more information on the Hour of Code, click here or check out this video, courtesy of!