Principal’s Corner

Wow! I can’t believe that summer is here already.  I can’t wait to hear all the stories of adventure, family celebrations, and memory-making that will happen in the next few months.  We can’t wait to see you all again on Thursday, August 18th for the Ice Cream Social and the opportunity to meet your teacher, and then on Monday, August 22nd for the first day of school. Here are two quick updates for you as we head off to summer:

Summer Learning Opportunities

Did you know that if students stop learning during the summer, they can lose more than two months of what they learned during the school year? It’s called summer learning loss and it can happen to students at all grade levels. Make next year more beneficial for your students by using the attached Summer Learning Guide (also available on the DPS website in 11 other languages)! It’s full of great ideas that families can use to reinforce learning in reading, writing, science and math for students at all grade levels.

You can also check out the Family and Community Engagement website for more summer learning resources, like reading suggestions and summer learning programs. And remember, healthy kids make better learners, so remember to take advantage of free access to city recreation centers and swimming pools for students through the MY Denver Card program.


McT Expansion

As you know, next year we will have two kindergarten classes as part of the first year of our expansion! This is an exciting time for students, families, and the school community:

  • We have ordered $17,000 in new supplies, equipment, and curricula and we are preparing to set up the new kindergarten room
  • We have been able to offer registration to more families in our neighborhood
  • We are excited about the collaboration and partnership between Ms. Biery and Ms. Killian, the team of teachers who will be teaching Kindergarten next year.

This amazing opportunity will also bring increased flexibility as we consider how to best meet every student’s unique learning needs and to assign them to the appropriate teacher. It is very important for each class to be well balanced in order for all students to have their needs met in order to have strong academic and social growth. Due to these priorities, we are not able to accommodate requests for specific teachers.

Have a fantastic summer!


Ms. Geerdes