Science Fair

    Posted 11/30/2016

    2016-17 Science Fair

    The 2016-17 McKinley-Thatcher Science Fair is just around the corner! Judging Day is January 12, so start thinking about your projects now.

    All students in grades K-5 are encouraged to create a science fair project. If your child is interested in participating, please complete the contract under “Science Fair details” and return it to the main office. Once we receive your contract, you will receive a packet from PTA with information on how your project will be judged and other criteria you will need to follow.

    Science Fair details

    • To participate, please complete this contract and return it to the main office.
    • Science fair judging happens on January 12.
    • Scholarships, materials, and tutoring available to students in need.
    • For questions or more information, please contact Sarah Clark (PTA President) at or (303) 594-5259.


    Please note that science fair projects must be experiments designed to answer a question, not a display of something fun.

    A science fair experiment is …

    • Which toy car will cross the finish line first: a metal car, a plastic car, or combination of both materials car and why?
    • Which liquid will bubble the most when shaken: cola, diet cola, white soda, or sparkling water and why?

    A science fair project is NOT…

    • A volcano display that only explodes one combination/amount of powder and liquid
    • A Mentos and diet cola display that explodes one time using one amount/one kind of Mentos and soda.
    • Growing crystals display that grows crystals in one type of solution

    Please don’t let financial reasons prevent you from entering the science fair. PTA has scholarships available to help cover the cost of materials your child may need to complete their science fair Project. PTA also has shoppers available to purchase and deliver needed materials to your child at school. Finally, if your child needs help doing an experiment, creating a poster, or preparing for the presentation, as-needed tutoring sessions will be available in December. Please contact Sarah Clark at or (303) 594-5259 if any of the above situations apply to you.