Connect with McKinley

How We Communicate

Communication is key to ensuring a strong home-school connection. We do our very best to communicate with our families and hope that, in return, families take the time to utilize our website and other communication tools as often as possible.

  • News from the Nest: Our weekly newsletter comes out via e-mail every Friday afternoon and has everything you need to know about what’s happening at McKinley!
  • School app: Our app is your one-stop shop for all important school news and information! Get it from the App Store or Google Play. Please make sure your notifications are turned on.
  • Website: Our website has all of the latest updates and information for our school. Check it often for events, calendars, and weekly news!
  • Friday folders: Every Friday, all our students take home their Friday folders, a red folder with their classroom work, information, and school flyers. Please check your child’s Friday folder for any forms that need to be returned to school.
  • School calendar: Our calendar is updated consistently with dates, times, and information about school events throughout the school year.
  • Robocalls: Be sure to listen to our robocall phone messages — they have up-to-date details about events and emergency information.
  • Marquee: Our marquee is located on the west side of the building and is a great place to check for upcoming events.
  • Facebook: Like our Facebook Page to get regular event updates, see cute pics, and celebrate our kids’ amazing achievements!