Our Expansion Is Coming: June Update

    Posted 10/25/2018

    What’s happening this month?

    Please see our June construction advisory document to learn more about construction activities and changes/impacts happening this month.

    Expansion Background Information

    Denver Public Schools (DPS) is excited to announce an exciting new project in your community! Due to the increased residential population in the neighborhood, McKinley-Thatcher Elementary will be expanding. Between November 2018 and August 2019, a six-classroom addition will be under construction. In summer 2019, interior renovations, including Early Childhood Education restrooms, gym floor replacement, and a new Special Education room, will be completed.

    During construction, there will be activity in the alley on the west side of the building and to the south on Louisiana Street. Expect trucks and construction traffic into the fenced construction zone. There will be an alley closure in spring 2019 for repaving as well as periodic short-term alley closures for deliveries. Playgrounds and a portion of the field will remain available for school use during construction.

    Please see our site logistics plan and our classroom floor plan for details of what the site will look like! You are invited to contact our main office at (720) 424-5600 with any questions.