Earn a Popsicle Party for Your Child’s Classroom!

Posted September 19, 2022

Does Your Kid Love Popsicles? How About Parties? 

Help your child’s class earn a popsicle party by filling out the DPS Meal Benefits application by Friday, September 23! Our Meal Benefits application lets eligible families sign up to receive free school lunches and also helps us get the most state funding possible to support our students. Most importantly, the first three classes to get 100% of families to complete their application win a popsicle party! 

Our school needs ALL of our families to fill out the Meal Benefits application, whether or not you are eligible for free lunch or if you choose to opt out. (Families who would like to opt-out of meal benefits can select this option at the beginning of the application process.) If you can’t remember if you’ve already completed the application, give us a call at (720) 424-5600. 

Families can fill out their application at www.myschoolapps.com. You will need your student’s school ID number and, if you receive SNAP or TANF benefits, your benefits number.

What If I Need Help?

Please call our office at (720) 424-5600 if you need help finding your student’s ID number or if you have any other questions! 

Need a Computer to Complete the Application?

Families can stop by our main office during school hours to borrow a laptop!