2 staff members
Name Title Department Email
Sonia Geerdes Principal School Leader & Office Staff
Jennifer Albee ECE-4 Teacher Teachers, ECE-4
Abigail Alpen 1st Grade Teacher Teachers, 1st Grade
Mario Ayala Assistant Facilities Manager Facilities & Operations
Lynn Blackledge Reading Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Adam Bock ECE-3 Teacher Teachers, ECE-3
Marie Brou ECE-3 Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Tori Cadle Special Education Teacher Teachers, Special Education
Zulema Camacho Discovery Link Program Leader Support Services
Kaitlyn Carson Second Grade Teacher Teachers, 2nd Grade
Jessica Chickering General Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Erin Coleman Special Education Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Jessica Collins ECE-4 Teacher Teachers, ECE-4
Amanda Davis Kindergarten Teacher Teachers, Kindergarten
Mario de Leon 2nd Grade Boettcher Teacher Resident Teachers
Mary Dolan Special Education Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Lauren Doyle Physical Therapist Support Services
Kaela Evans Third Grade Teacher Teachers, 3rd Grade
Melanie Exposito Office Manager School Leader & Office Staff
Teresa Faliskie Special Education Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Shay Hicks Discovery Link Program Leader Support Services
Ingrid Hoff Community Liaison School Leader & Office Staff
Jennifer Iltis School Nurse Support Services
Krystal Joseph Health Tech Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Ron Joutras Physical Education Teacher Teachers, Specials
Anne Kalick Kindergarten Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Emily Keller Fourth Grade Teacher Teachers, 4th Grade
Sarah Kirkwood Kindergarten Teacher Teachers, Kindergarten
Andy Kovar Special Education Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Melinda Laz Visual Arts Teacher Teachers, Specials
Lynne Lopez-Crowley Gifted and Talented Teachers, Special Education
Patrice Mason-Dawan Discovery Link Program Specialist Support Services
Amy Menezes School Psychologist Support Services
Jennifer Morgenthaler Music Teacher Teachers, Specials
Barbara Onorato Special Education Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Karyn Pocernich Librarian/School Tech Rep (STR)/Assessment Liaison (SAL) Support Services
Ann Porter ECE-4 Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Mike Potter Facilities Manager Facilities & Operations
Iuliia Prokopovych ECE-4 Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Janine Rhyans Special Education Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Theresa Romero Occupational Therapist Support Services
Courtney Rossman Speech-Language Pathologist Support Services
Melinda Russell Teacher for the Visually Impaired Teachers, Special Education
Maria Salas Food Services Manager Facilities & Operations
Lyndsey Smith First Grade Teacher Teachers, 1st Grade
Eva Solares Food Services Assistant Facilities & Operations
Rachel Stenftennagel Fifth Grade Teacher Teachers, 5th Grade
Kirk Surry General Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Erin Thiagarajah English as a Second Language Teacher Teachers, Special Education
Greg Toston Kindergarten Paraprofessional Paraprofessionals
Kaiman Triplett Reading Intervention Teacher & Teacher Leader Teachers, Special Education
D’Angelo Trujillo Part-Time Custodian Facilities & Operations D’
Courtney Waring Math Intervention Teacher & Teacher Leader Teachers, Special Education
Megan Westfall Mild/Moderate Special Education Teacher Teachers, Special Education
Raj Wijewardane School Psychologist Intern Support Services
Christina Ziccardi Technology Teacher Teachers, Specials