School Picture Days — October 6 & 7

Posted September 27, 2021

We are excited to hold our School Picture Days during school hours with Bloom School Pictures! New this year, we are holding two picture days: one for ECE-4 through 1st grade and one for 2nd through 5th grade. This will help us provide the best Picture Day experience possible to all of our students!

  • Wednesday, October 6 — Picture Day for ECE-4, Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • Thursday, October 7 — Picture Day for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

Please know that all of our students will be photographed during their School Picture Day. There is no fee for students to participate and families have no obligation to order photographs!

How Do I Order Pictures?

Families will receive a password-protected gallery containing just their students’ pictures about three weeks after our Picture Days. Ordering instructions will be communicated in our school newsletter, and, if you choose to register for Bloom’s SMILE CLUB (see below), directly from Bloom as well.

If you feel like you missed an email, or want to check to see if your student’s gallery is ready, head to our school’s Family Picture Day Dashboard to check when your student’s gallery will be available.

Optional: Register with Bloom’s SMILE CLUB

Bloom Photography also has a new, optional registration process called SMILE CLUB. If you are interested in receiving additional images of your student, email communication about Picture Day, and access to online discounts, please head to our school’s Family Picture Day Dashboard here to register and learn more.

Please know that SMILE CLUB registration is NOT required for your student to participate in Picture Day!


Call our main office at (720) 424-5600 or email us at