Enrichment Activities

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2023-2024 Enrichment Activities

Each year, McKinley-Thatcher partners with the DPS Department of Extended Learning & Community Schools (ELCS) to offer fall, winter, and spring sessions of after-school enrichment classes. These enrichment classes are offered by outside providers who come to our school building. Families may register their children for one or more of our enrichment classes. Each enrichment has an associated cost and runs one day a week after school for several months.

Registration Information: Winter Session

Winter Enrichment Registration Window:
Thursday, October 26 (6:00am) to Thursday, November 9 (10:00pm)

Registration Instructions

Please review the ELCS Department Enrichment Policies / PolĂ­ticas de Enriquecimientos ELCS document carefully prior to enrichment registration to ensure you are properly prepared when registration opens.

Please make sure you are using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop (not on a smartphone).

Once the enrichment registration window opens, please visit the SchoolCareWorks website to register for upcoming enrichment classes.

  • Log into the SchoolCareWorks website.
  • Click “Register.”
  • Choose “McKinley-Thatcher” from the DPS menu.
  • Scroll down to the Enrichments section.
  • Click “View Offerings.”


If you don’t already have a SchoolCareWorks account, please visit this link to register with the SchoolCareWorks website, then follow the instructions above!


Winter Session Enrichment Catalog

Click here to see our winter 2023 enrichment catalog!

Winter Session Enrichment Class Dates

Monday, December 4, 2023 to Friday, February 23, 2024

Due to school closures, students will not have enrichments on the following days.

  • Monday, December 18 through Tuesday, January 2 (DPS Winter Break)
  • Monday, January 15 (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
  • Tuesday, January 16 (McKinley Staff Planning Day)
  • Monday, February 19 (Presidents’ Day)

Enrichment Scholarships

Each of our enrichment providers has a class-specific scholarship policy for their programming. Please complete the ELCS Enrichment Scholarship Questionnaire form to apply for a scholarship. The ELCS Department awards scholarships based on the enrichment provider’s scholarship policy. There is no guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded, and, if awarded, the scholarship will be provided after the registration period ends.

Please note, to qualify for a scholarship, you must qualify for CCCAP, HEN, or the free & reduced price lunch program through the You Benefit! application

Have Questions or Need Help?

For questions about enrichments or assistance with registration, please email enrichment_extendedlearning@dpsk12.net or call (303) 548-8126.