News from the Nest — September 9, 2022

Posted September 9, 2022

Vol. 7, No. 3

REMINDER: Our Student Picture Days Are Next Week!

Our Student Picture Days with Bloom School Pictures are next Monday and Tuesday! Like last year, we are holding two picture days: one for ECE-4 through 1st grade and one for 2nd through 5th grade.

  • Monday, September 12 — Picture Day for ECE-4, Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • Tuesday, September 13 — Picture Day for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade
  • Monday, September 19 — Make-Up Picture Day (for students who were absent during their scheduled day!)

For full details about our Picture Days, visit our website post here! 

Does Your Kid Love Popsicles? How About Parties? 

Help your child’s class earn a popsicle party by filling out the DPS Meal Benefits application by Friday, September 23! Our Meal Benefits application lets eligible families sign up to receive free school lunches and also helps us get the most state funding possible to support our students. Most importantly, the first three classes to get 100% of families to complete their application win a popsicle party! 

Our school needs ALL of our families to fill out the Meal Benefits application, whether or not you are eligible for free lunch or if you choose to opt out. (Families who would like to opt-out of meal benefits can select this option at the beginning of the application process.) If you can’t remember if you’ve already completed the application, give us a call at (720) 424-5600. 

Families can fill out their application at You will need your student’s school ID number and, if you receive SNAP or TANF benefits, your benefits number. Please call our office at (720) 424-5600 if you need help finding your student’s ID number or if you have any other questions! 

A Special Message from Ms. Pocernich, Our School Librarian

This week, our kindergarten through 5th grade students came to our school library to check out books for the first time this year! To start, kindergarteners will check out one book and 1st-5th grade will check out two. This will change as the year progresses. We encourage students to always return their library books to their backpack when they are not reading them. If you have a special place or shelf for them, that is great, too. 

During the first few weeks of library visits, we are focusing on the importance of bringing library books back in good condition (PLEASE, no books and water bottles inside of a backpack together!) and on time as part of their responsibility as a library patron. Books are always checked out for a two-week period, but are able to be renewed. Once a student has an overdue book, or returns no books, they are not allowed to check out during their class’s library visit. (If this happens, students can come in at some other time and check out when they do return their books.)  

The way the library schedule is set up requires that students return their books the day before their library time. If you could support your students with returning their books on-time, it would really help! 

Library Book Return Days

  • Ms. Kirkwood – Monday
  • Mr. Romero – Monday
  • Ms. Faust – Monday
  • Ms. Evans – Monday
  • Mrs. Keller – Tuesday
  • Mrs. Carson – Tuesday
  • Mrs. Smith – Wednesday
  • Ms. Monaghan – Wednesday
  • Ms. Sheridan – Wednesday

In Other News!

  • Save-the-Date: our first restaurant fundraiser of the year is coming up on Tuesday, September 20 at Fire on the Mountain (300 S. Logan St.)! Fire on the Mountain is donating 10% of their entire sales for the day and night on September 20, including dining-in, to-go, and merchandise purchases! We’ll share more details next week!

  • In case you missed it: here’s our PTA’s most recent newsletter!

  • A message from Mr. J, our PE teacher: families, could you please send me any pictures of your family doing physical activities outside of Physical Education? Whether it’s your child(ren) or your whole family, the more the better! I’ll print out the pictures and put them up in the hallway outside of the gym. I’m trying to promote any physical activity outside of Physical Education. Thanks! My email is

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